What Is A Basic Asset Protection Agreement

PRB Consulting can help remove barriers and break down the language and issues raised by Network Rail for your project to move forward. PRB Consulting assists and advises you in your negotiations with network Rail Asset Protection (ASPRO) teams. Our consultants understand the concerns Network Rail has when third parties want to do construction work near their infrastructure and can help allay their fears by competently advising you and Network Rail. This will ensure that you understand your rail system protection requirements. You may need to enter into an Asset Protection Agreement (APA) with Network Rail and agree to make some monitoring and risk reductions, particularly for temporary work. For example, monitoring tracks or embankments on flight time or monitoring vibrations, noise or air quality, especially near stations or depots. To carry out this type of work, it is necessary to use the competent railway organisations approved to carry out this work. PRB Consulting works with a number of suppliers who can handle all aspects of rail risk reduction. Have you contacted Network Rail to discuss your work and the associated risks to its infrastructure? By the railway jargon and the issues raised by Network Rail?.