Tru Fit Membership Agreement

The Club Enhancement Fee is used to maintain our equipment and services. This fee is collected each year based on the month you originally registered: check the details of your membership agreement. This is a binding agreement (“agreement”) between True Fit Corporation (“True Fit”) and anyone who uses this web service (“you” or “your”). This Agreement regulates your use of this web service (the “Site”), including, but not limited, to all content such as text, information, images, images, contracts, software and other downloadable materials (together “materials”) and all services (the “services”) that are made available to you through this True FitTM website and/or third parties. BY USING THIS SITE, YOU ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS CONTRACT. Members from month to month are subject to slight price increases ($1 per year) when current rates are higher than the monthly monthly subscription. Most members offer access to several clubs. Please check your club for more details about your membership. Monthly expiry affiliation cannot be terminated for the life of the term. If you die after this contract comes into force or if you are permanently or permanently restricted, you or your estate may terminate this contract and obtain a partial refund of your unused contribution by sending a notice to the Public Health Authority indicating your wish to revoke the contract. The spa may require proof of a disability or death by a certified U.S.

board doctor. The member may also terminate the contract at any time after the date of this contract if he has personally transferred his residence more than 8 (8) miles from his current residence (as stated in this contract) and more than thirty (30) miles from one of our entities, as stated in this contract. If the member wishes to terminate the contract from or for one of the last two (2) reasons, the Seller may require proof of the reason or reasons under which you are applying for revocation.